Welcome to Eva Weingarten's Official website.

Eva is a talented, young musician and artist from Orlando, Florida. An accomplished musician, she has led the house band of Hannibal's Lounge in Winter Park and had her art displayed at CityArts Factory in downtown Orlando. Explore her website to view her art, listen to her music, and view upcoming events.

"The Eva Weingarten Quartet has a great energy about them and a unique approach to their music. Each time I hear them they keep getting better and better! They perform songs that I have never heard any other band try. Their style is young and refreshing."
- Dave DiBona
"Every time I see the Eva Weingarten perform, I am blown away at their versatility and their ability to make each song their own. Eva's vocal range is incredible and the talented young band never fails to keep up. A performance by this fresh, innovative band is something to be witnessed."
- Vittorio Nastasi